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How It Works

  1. Shop online! Use our Start My Cart to get going fast! Your purchases are saved as lists to make future online shopping trips even faster!
  2. Enjoy Free Time! Congratulations! You’ve just figured out a way to add a 25th hour to your day!
  3. Thank the Delivery Driver! Yep, it’s that easy. Or, if you opt to pick-up your groceries, simply park in one of the designated spots, call the phone number listed, and Voila! Your groceries will magically appear!

Is Delivery available in my zip code?

Enter your zip code below to check to see if delivery is available for you.

How much does grocery delivery cost?

Grocery Delivery costs between $10 and $20 for orders over $50 (excluding taxes and all discounts). Search your zip code to see how much delivery costs in your zip code. There is also a $4.95 cost for our personal shoppers to select your groceries. The total cost for shopping and delivery is $14.95.
If your order is $49.99 or less (excluding taxes and all discounts), there is an additional $5 delivery fee.
Grocery Delivery for other zip codes is between $10 and $20.

Is Pick-Up available in my zip code?

Acme Fresh Market offers grocery pick-up at Acme Fresh Market #1 - West Market Street (1835 W. Market St, Akron, Ohio, 44313), Acme Fresh Market #2 - Ellet (2420 Wedgewood Dr., Akron, Ohio 44312), Acme Fresh Market #4 - Hudson (116 W. Streetsboro Rd., Hudson, 44326), Acme Fresh Market #15 - Montrose (3979 Medina Rd, Akron, Ohio, 44333), Acme Fresh Market #20 - Parma (1225 Pleasant Valley Rd, Parma 44314), and Acme Fresh Market #21 - Green (3875 Massillon Road, Green, Ohio 44685).

How much does pick-up cost?

Grocery pick up costs $4.95.

How does payment work?

Pay for your order electronically through OrderAcme.com. We accept all major credit cards and EBT payments. We DO NOT accept paper checks, gift cards, or cash. Any refunds will be applied to your account within 48 hours.

Can I use Digital Coupons for groceries purchased online?

Yes! Any Digital Coupons loaded to your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card will be automatically applied to your online order.

Paper coupons are not accepted at this time.

How does ad pricing work?

If you select a delivery date that is in the future; product prices may vary as items go On-Sale or Off-Sale between today and your delivery date.

Do you deliver adult beverages? Can I pick-up adult beverages?

Acme Fresh Market will only allow delivery or pick up of adult beverages for customers that are 21 or older. Please have photo ID ready, as our associates are required by state law to check your identification.